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// Define "nixpulvis" in Latin.
let nix = snow;
let pulvis = powder || dust;

Who am i

My name is Nathan (Nate) Lilienthal. I go by nixpulvis on the internet. You may be wondering what nixpulvis means, I'll need to write up an explanation for that at some point. Some very basic information about me.

Writing about yourself is always hard. You want to be flattering, but not sound like a tool. You want to be modest, yet not sound boring. So with that in mind let me introduce myself. My name is Nathan Lilienthal, but most people call me Nate. My website is in the name of my virtual username "nixpulvis".

I am a student at Northeastern University studying Computer Science. While most people associate computer science with just programming, I like doing much more within the fields around CS than just programming. I love building physical things, like LED matrices, or quadcopters. Programming is at the core of it all though. I just enjoy touching all the parts.

I’m from Boulder, CO, went to school in Boston MA, now living in CA working for Apple.

You can view my resume for more information.

What is this

This site serves to collect meaningful thoughts and memories I wish to share with the world. I very rarely do something all at once, and as such writing about things in the form of blog posts never made sense to me. I view the things I do, and my life by proxy as a work in progress, so it's convenient to have a living document for writing about it. One benefit blogs have is that they have time/date information for when they were published, however I have something better, git, so that's a non-issue.

This website is created using the Rust language's documentation tool, rustdoc. This was chosen for many reasons. First because I didn't want a fancy site, with lots of element to it. And second because upon further reflection, structuring the information I wish to provide on this site as modules made a lot of sense. I also really like the way it looks.

A lot of my work is code in GitHub, you can see all of it at



WIP: Pardon our dust.


Some of my personal projects, and projects I contribute to.


WIP: How I've learned and learned to teach.