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Some very basic information about me.

Writing about yourself is always hard. You want to be flattering, but not sound like a tool. You want to be modest, yet not sound boring. So with that in mind let me introduce myself. My name is Nathan Lilienthal, but most people call me Nate. My website is in the name of my virtual username "nixpulvis". The reason for this name is a story of it’s own.

I am a student at Northeastern University studying Computer Science. While most people associate computer science with just programming, I like doing much more within the fields around CS than just programming. I love building physical things, like LED matrices, or quadcopters. Programming is at the core of it all though. I just enjoy touching all the parts.

I’m from Boulder, CO. Colorado is my home despite currently living in Boston. One day I think I’d like to return.

You can view my resume for more information.